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One of my favorite parts of reading blogs is getting a sneak peak of the authors home.  So, what else can I do but give you a sneak peak of mine!  Now, I did not clean for this, at this point that would have required too much work.  :)  But, some day I will slowly start replacing the messy ones, with pretty ones.  That way maybe you will think that my house looks beautiful all the time, like I think the homes of my favorite bloggers do.  ;)

More pictures coming soon....

New sectional.  See the little window behind it?  It used to be enclosed in a closet which we tore out.  It makes it really hard to decorate.  I also only have one wall that doesn't have a ton of windows.  This is pretty much the ONLY wall.  I love windows, but it also makes it hard to decorate.  Why?  Because you don't have places to hang things and you don't have places to put furniture.
This is the display above the couch.  It is very sentimental to me.  The picture on the top is me 9 months pregnant with Karson who was still born due to a cord knot like a week after this picture was taken.  The bottom shot is with our oldest son Kellen; I was 3 months pregnant with Karson in this photo.
This is from Christmas.  I decorated the living room with a music theme.  I made the sign and the woodwork is from the top of my grandma's old organ.

I was on the Moravia Tour of Homes Thanksgiving weekend 2012.  To see even more pictures check out my sidebar.
When we moved the house this was the room that received the most change. We removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room, changed the location of the basement stairs and changed the windows. I designed the kitchen and LOVE it because under that window is all work space.

This is a good view into the dining room.  Here is my coffee station that I wrote about in a post.

 Downstairs half bath.  This used to be a full bath, but I changed it to make way for a change in the layout of the basement stairs.

By the toilet paper roll, that wall, used to have a window to the back yard.  It is now filled in and my master bath is on the other side.
Also on the main floor is our mudroom. This used to be a bedroom, but we added a door and the lockers to make it more functional for our family. We also expanded it to make it transitional to the addition. The transitional area is now our laundry room and storage. The addition is our master bedroom suite.

I took a couple of doors out of my dads barn to make these closet doors.  I did do a quick poly job on them which is starting to yellow after only a couple months, but I still love them.

This is the view from the doorway.  This is the only room in the house with carpet, so it is popular with the kiddos.  There is so much light in this room;  I love it!

This shot is taken from a little nook.  I haven't figured out exactly what I want to do with the space, so it normally holds a piece of furniture that is getting ready to go to The Junk Parlor.

Here are a couple shots of the master bathroom.

This is the kids bathroom upstairs.

This is my daughter's bedroom.  There is a door to the left that leads into a playroom.

In the upstairs we have a landing, full bathroom, play room and two bedrooms.

These are pictures of the boys' room.

This was the first BIG sign I made and I love it!!
This is the shot to what I call the game room, taken at the stairway.  I make the kids go down here to color, play with play-dough, etc.

This shot is from the same room, leading into the basement bathroom.

The kids wanted a hunter theme in here.  I used a ladder to cover up a pipe and we have an old screen door that leads to the furnace room.
Also off of the game room is a guest bedroom.

And our family room.

The kitchenette still isn't completely installed, but eventually I will do something with the cabinets and install a sink.

My dad and I built this farm table and the island above he made after I gave him the base and told him what to do.  ;)

This furniture used to be upstairs.  The kids come down here to play the Wii and make a mess.

This is part of the walk-out basement.  I tore this old workbench out of my grandpas barn.  Now it is my workbench. 
I hope you've enjoyed peaking around!

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