Junk Parlor

March 2011 I went on a trip with a student, Delaney, and she sells clothes at the Columns in Centerville, Iowa.  The Columns is one of two old mansions that has been turned into a new and used, multi-vendor, antique and collectibles store.  It's sister store is Bradley Hall.  Bradley Hall was the original and so the Columns has always seemed to be a little less than overflowing.  Then, there was some in-house stuff going on which didn't help.  Anyway, Delaney was talking about how she was trying to get new vendors.  I had been blog hopping for awhile and was very interested in putting my creativity to use.  So, the wheels started churning.  I didn't have enough inventory; I was basically doubling the size of my house with a new addition that wasn't going as planned; I have 3 kids at home, and a busy husband...  Basically my mom thought I was nuts.  But, I figured if I can't make it during the busiest months then I wouldn't be able to make it.  I picked a basement room because the walls are super cool and because it is in the basement the rent is cheaper.  I started in November and I love it.  It takes a lot more time than I ever thought it would and my room is rarely actually how I want it, but it is fun.  I think I might like the hunt of something cool and different the most?!  Here are some bad phone pictures, but it gives you an idea of my space.

More pictures coming soon!

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