Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New charging station

I moved a dresser into our mudroom to hold gloves, scarves and hats. These had been kept in baskets in our lockers but they were to high for the kids to reach.  It's just the start of winter and I'm already sick of getting the baskets down. I went out to the barn and picked a dresser I had been trying to sell.  I'll post pictures of it later.

We currently charge our phones on the kitchen counter in a store bought charging station I just don't like. I wanted to get the phones out of the kitchen and this dresser was the perfect way to do that.

I went back out to the barn and looked for something to hold all of the cords and the  power strip.  I tested out a lot of wood boxes but ended up picking this metal file folder. I have another one I'm going to make and sell.  Hint, hint...

All I did was used the drill to make holes and that was it! Of course my battery was dead so I had to wait for it to charge.  My station would probably look better if I had a bigger drill bit, but I love it anyway!

Monday, December 1, 2014

One more thing. ..

I stared at some store letters all weekend at Junk Jubilee JINGLES,  but didn't go check the price.  I figured they hadn't sold so they must be expensive.  I dreamt of writing coffee on the wall with them.  Not all the letters were there,  but enough.  Sunday morning a dealer is walking away with them. .. $10!! Dang it Brooke!  Should have checked the price. ..ALWAYS check the price!