Tuesday, November 11, 2014


What have I gotten myself into!  I left last Wednesday for a show in Springfield, Missouri(over 6 hours away! ).  I posted about the show earlier;  2 Friends & Junk.   I was a little disappointed with the show...not a lot of traffic, so not a lot of sales.  The plus was meeting a lot of great people and getting some great ideas!  
Last night I drove to a nearby town,  Bloomfield.  They were having their annual Holiday Expo hosted by Southern Iowa Electric Co-op.  It was a wonderful event and I plan on doing it again next year. It was very funny because most of my sales were before and after the actual event! The best part was free advertising!
That brings us to today...I just made and devoured a whole batch of muffins!  Nervous eating. ..why? Because I have another show this weekend!
So, recap...left home Wednesday afternoon for Springfield.  Came halfway home and watched my sons football team in Columbia all day. Monday I spent all day in Bloomfield.  Tuesday I unloaded the trailer only to turn around and start loading it again.  Plus I cooked like 20 pounds of chicken so I would have food to  take with me. Tomorrow I will finish loading. Thursday I will unload and setup my booth. And Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will sell, sell, sell(hopefully).  Did I mention it is in the teens today? Brrr...
What was I thinking!

Mark Chelgren shopped my booth!

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