Sunday, November 23, 2014

Junk Jubilee JINGLES

This past weekend I setup at the Iowa State Fairgrounds for Junk Jubilee JINGLES.  In the past I have only been able to attend the spring event, but since I am now doing this full-time I could participate in the fall show.
I have written many posts about what I have learned from doing shows.  Somehow I "forgot" some of my own tips this time! The biggest tip I forgot was about the size of my items. I went way to big and I only sold one little chimney cabinet!  This was my third show in 2 weeks. ..I was SO tired from moving everything!  I was literally the last vendor to leave after the show! And luckily Miccia,  her brother, and former partner were there to help.  So, again don't take big heavy items. ..especially when you are by yourself and at a show were it is known people don't buy bigs.   (Won't happen again, I hope)
I continue to learn new things at the shows as well.  I had read this tip somewhere a long time ago, but this time I actually applied it! Face your checkout to the aisle, not back into your booth. You don't want to have a line of people waiting to pay standing in your booth because then others can't look!
Have a comfortable seat for yourself!  My sturdy stool was not so sturdy after I got on and off a million times. It was too high for my legs but too low for my checkout counter.
Talk to people.  They don't want to have a conversation with you,  but say hi, plug your shop and let them shop.

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