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Junkstock October 2015

I just got home from my second Junkstock show!  Why am I writing on my blog so promptly?  Because I had a sweet customer ask me if I was ever going to blog again!  I wish I had asked for her name!  She said she enjoyed reading it, so I will try to do a better job.
The above picture was me Saturday morning and below was me on Friday morning.  The weather was great this show!

This is my 9th time setting up at a venue, 7 of which have been outside.  What have I learned?

Be prepared!  My neighbors borrowed my calculator, tape measure, screw driver, square reader...I borrowed man power, aspirin, and dollar bills.  So much of having a stress free show is being prepared.  I had dressed the seen in the pictures...unlike other vendors.  And, I had thought I had enough money, but I ran out of ones multiple times and by Sunday I didn't have pennies or quarters!  I had my toolkit with me, but my tape had one inch left on had to buy some.  I had brought two receipt books...had to buy more.  Brought band-aids, but still had to borrow one, and forgot about how I hate having a headache all day...hence the neighbors aspirin.  Some day I will be really organized with an actual checklist and an organized spot for all the things I "might" have to have.  Reminds me, I also bought wet wipes...have a feeling I will be sick after eating all of the germs this weekend!

(I sold all of my cigar boxes, ladders, horse collars, stirrups, and one of these boxes.)

Be prepared.  I brought what I call nicer junk to Junkstock in June...I did not this time.  It stresses me out to bring something "nice" that then gets ruined in the trailer, or the rain...this time I brought stuff that could get wet and that could get damaged in the trailer because it would just have a more authentic look. ;)  That really helped with my stress level!  It is still great junk, just different great junk!  I also brought smaller items...other than two big tables...but I did that because I am always by myself.  If I can't load it by myself I don't bring it.  Sure my neighbors would help, but they have their own stuff to deal with.  But, remember I said I used my neighbors man power...  I bought my 10x20 tent off another vendor last year and had never put it up...  Luckily two of my neighbors had the same tent and I sweet talked them into helping me.  I think I might still be there trying to do it if they hadn't helped!  NOT something you can do by yourself!

(all three cabinets sold, white and red stools, both signs, and tool box)

(all cabinets, red toolbox, white first aid box, Granger tin, and probably 10+ clocks sold)

Be prepared.  People are going to think what you are buying is over priced...then the next person buys it!  It is crazy.  Don't take things personally.  I am not the norm.  I price things for what I want to sell them at.  I don't negotiate much.  I know everyone wants a deal, I do too, but when something is fairly priced, don't be insulted if I won't negotiate with you.  It never hurts to ask, but don't be rude if I won't come down!  I don't believe in over pricing everything so that you can negotiate with me and feel like you got a deal!  Sorry!

(cabinet sold)

Be prepared.  Attract the husbands.  You must have manly things or funny things that get good laughs.  I had a bedroom-o-meter...his mood/her mood.  People stop and chuckle about it and then they look closer at your booth!

(navy/white suitcase, first aid kits, borax, nourse tin, baking soda tin, 5 toy trucks, oar, plant stand, and red tin all sold)

Be prepared.  I must have been sleeping and put this on Instagram?  Do you follow me on Instagram?  Use social media.  It takes time, my husband thinks I am ALWAYS on my phone...but it is today's business!  Sadly my phone won't stay charged very long, so I did not stay on Facebook much this Junkstock weekend, plus I was always selling things!

(most things sold, but not the table or wooden stool)

Be prepared.  Have enough business cards(I need to order some!!), market yourself, say hi to customers, make connections, and have fun!!!

(sold lots of gourds, arches, and the pitch fork)

(spool, surveyors tripod, wood box, nesting boxes, yellow bucket, butcher block table...sold)

(shutter, basket, dresser sold)

Bed, crate, feeders, lots of enamel!)

I wish I would have taken a picture of the booth at the end if Sunday!!

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