Saturday, May 17, 2014

Upcoming Shows!

Goodness, what have I gotten myself into!  I am doing THREE, yes THREE shows back to back.  Which would be less stressful if this was my full time gig and I had more time to buy, clean, and tag things.  Or, strip, paint, and seal things!  But, I don't.  So this will be a learning experience!

First up, a new show, Vintage & Made Fair, to be held in Des Moines at Old Historic Jordan Camp.  My good friend Tricia Hall with Vintage No. 35 and Rescued Junk are gearing up for a great show.  I'm so excited for them.

The next weekend I have the Walnut Antique Show.  This show has been around forever, but I have never attended as a customer or as a vendor!  I'm a little nervous.  Last year I was thinking about going and it rained, and rained, and rained!  Please no rain this year!  I will be sharing my space with my good friend Susanne of Pood's Picks.  After reading the vendor information, it sounds like we have an hour to set-up!  Ha!  I am a one woman show and I will never be even close to being ready!!!  Should prove to be interesting.

The  Annual
Walnut AMVETs Antique Show
Father's Day Weekend
June 13 - 15, 2014

The third weekend in June is Junkstock!  I felt honored to be asked by Sara to be a vendor.  Thanks Sara!  Again, I have not been to this show as a customer or vendor, but I had already scoped the whole thing out.  They even have youtube videos!  So when Sara tried to explain Junkstock and gave me some people to talk to and places online to visit, I laughed, told her been there done that!  SO excited!!

What do you think!?  Will I be busy in June?

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