Thursday, January 2, 2014

Window Displays

Have I told you how much I enjoy doing a window?  I moved into The Hall Tree on the Centerville square in August and I convinced the owner, Emily, to let me have one of her windows.  (She has 4!!)  I thought that being a teacher, three little ones at home, etc... that it might be a little much to do it by myself.  I asked the other vendor there if she would alternate with me.  She said yes!!

For my first window I wanted to make sure that people knew I had moved in, so I wanted to include my name.  I have a bunch of projector screens from an auction, so I used one to make a sign.

Then I just added some junk until I was happy.  Here is the September window.  My very first.

Then, it was Pood's Picks turn.  I don't have a picture to show you, but it is on Facebook!  My page-Junk Parlor and hers-Pood's Picks.
November, my turn.  I had picked a load of mannequins and wanted to use one.  The Hall Tree is a woman's clothing boutique so I thought it'd be fun to dress her up.  I LOVE music sheets.  I hand stitched music sheets to a hoop skirt and added some vintage jewelry.  I also had scored a ton of frames and I wanted to put her front and center; the frame accomplished this.  I added in a little more music sheets and tried to balance out the display with some junk.
December - Pood's Picks  I had this vintage Santa from my grandma, that wasn't for sale, but I thought it'd look great in our Christmas window.  Susanne had already planned on putting in a mantel and stockings and so it was a perfect opportunity to use Santa.

January - The Junk Parlor  I really couldn't decide what I wanted to do.  I have these busts I wanted to use, but at the same time I didn't know how they would look on a white background.  (I just had a great idea on how to use them in my March window-now I just have to remember!!)  Anyway I had just brought in a ton of suitcases from the barn to clean, price, and take to the store.  I decided to incorporate them and traveling.  I had this Iowa map and I thought it would be fun to do a chalkboard quote.  I searched awhile on the Internet for a good one.  There were lots, but this one I liked the best.  "Go on adventures with me."

I can't wait to do more!!!!