Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Taking it easy today.  Kash got up early this morning complaining of being sick.  That he is!  I don't want to get to far from him or I'll be cleaning up after him!  So, chillin' today which I don't do much of.  I always feel like there is something to be done and sitting down is wasting time.  So, I am productively being lazy today; if there is such a thing.

For the 4th of July I set up a booth at The Exline Country Store in Exline, Iowa.  They are trying to get a bigger flea market set up and get more people to come to their little town for the festivities.  The word on the street was that there were twice as many vendors and twice as many people, so I'd say something is working.  I didn't sell very much, but got to chat with some customers and other vendors.  It's amazing how everyone has their own story about what they like and what works for them.  I got some great tips from a neighbor booth Poods Picks.  I'd seen them at an auction or two and I'd seen them posting items for sale on Facebook, but we had never had any interaction.  I actually went to school with the husband, David's youngest sister.  But back when we played together, these guys were "old."  (For pictures of my booth at Exline www.facebook.com/junkparlor)

I'd say they have had success because they are good pickers, they BOTH like to junk, they make good use of Facebook and they work out of their home.  And, they are nice.  I think all of these things help make a successful business.  So, go check them out on Facebook - DavidandSusanne Hutt(Poods Picks).

So, this brings me back to my title.  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.  All capitalized because I feel like I have lots of BIG decisions to make.  One of which is what to do.  Should I rent a store and have my own home base?  Should I buy a building and recruit other vendors?  Should I fix up part of my workshop and stage it like a store?  Should I travel to a show every weekend and sell from a booth?  Should I sell on facebook, etsy, ebay and focus on going online?  The problem is I DO NOT KNOW!!!  There are pros and cons to every choice.

Any input or advice?  Please comment, I'd love to hear it.

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