Saturday, April 6, 2013

Storage and Stuff

After a year of The Junk Parlor, meaning a year of selling unusual finds and creating things, I have finally lost my initial hesitation to buy things.  I spent a good 6 months on the fence.  Do I do this, do I buy it, do I go for it...  Do I have enough stuff to start, too much, will people buy my stuff...   I shopped the thrift stores and consignment stores, a few small auctions and garage sales, but I never really bought a lot at a time.  Always a little scared.  Then I committed.  Then I went to some bigger auctions and I bought A LOT!  Then the problem became, what do I do with all of it!  Buying, hauling, cleaning, fixing, making, painting, stripping, sanding, pricing, EVERYTHING takes space.

My basement is finished and we did so leaving me about an 8 x 12 room to be my workshop.  But, the entire basement, roughly 25 x 55 became my workshop and the kids lost their craft/game room, the workout area was gone, as well as the guest bedroom and family room.  These were just my work in progress items or nicer things I didn't want outside!  I have a 30 x 60ish Morton Building full of stuff too.  What to do!?  We decided to empty out the Morton Building and pour cement so I could store some nicer items out there.  Wrong.  It is hot one week, cold the next, raining/snowing the next and the building is not finished nor come to find out waterproof!  A decision had to be made.  Finally I decided to make a smaller room in the Morton Building to become my year round workshop.  That way I could still get things accomplished, but I wouldn't be fumigating the house and my family in the process.

My dad became my general contractor and the workshop has officially started to take shape.  I am SO excited!  It probably won't be ready until it is nice enough that I won't need a heater, will be great to have next winter!  I will keep you updated on the progress.


  1. I hear ya, I've been working out of my garage (parking the car outside) with a heater, something went wrong with it and about fumigated myself.


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