Thursday, January 31, 2013

Junk Trip

Check out this cool "toolbox."

A "secret" store I frequent has a vendor who makes tons of cool "stuff."

Check out the "box" in the front with leather straps and some leather detail in the middle and that cool hanging box with a broken seat back.  I have enquired a little about this vendor, but the shop keeper is pretty quiet and likes to play his solitaire.  I know it is a man and I know he has lots of cool ideas and only a little amount of time and has his stuff priced too cheap (hey that is why I buy it;)).  I also know that he does good work on the crafting side - not a big fan of the finish he uses because it has a strong odor and it smells like he just finished the piece.  But, he always has something different when I go in.  Wish I lived closer and could go in more often!

Here is a crate the vendor made and a slate chalkboard he framed with wood.  The easel is a purchase via the shop owner.  He gave me a grate deal and I love it!
These pieces are from the vendors sons shop next door which is a little "crazier" to say the least.  I try to buy something from him when I can.  These pieces are really end pieces for packing, but I thought I could stack them and make a bookcase.  Must say it looks awesome, but I can't decide if I should permanently screw them together or leave the separate for flexibility.  What do you think?  They are in my basement now but I thought they would be good for display in my booth.  I also purchased a little side table.  There is a gold piece a couple pictures up and it has a nice solid glass top to go with it.  I purchased some clear, I'm calling them bumpers, not really sure what they are, to protect the glass from scratching the metal or sliding off.  I bought some purple spray paint and think I will give that a go when the weather gets warmer!

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