Thursday, October 18, 2012

Basement Bathroom Update

We started our master addition and basement finishing over a year ago!!  Our contract said it would take him 3 months (grrr)!  After about 6 months with the contractor, we gave up and decided to finish it on our own.  At least then, it is not so frustrating because we do what we can when we can; it is not our full time job.

The above shots are a halfway point.  Where the shop vac is there is a little room for our furnace.  The pipe coming out of the ground is the air pipe for the toilet, but our contractor thought it was the toilet drain, so the water for the toilet is coming out of the wall there, instead of 3 feet to the right where the toilet drain actually is.  That means that my dad gets to move the water to the correct location.  The other shot is of the shower which is inserted, but is not fully functioning because the drain pipe needs to be cut off, we don't have the tool, and the contractor still hasn't come to do it.  We asked him like 3 months ago.
This is one shot of how she looks now.  This is another angle of the room not shown so far.  We bought a vanity and Home Depot and I got faucets to match what I have in the rest of the house.  You can just barely see the floor, but we had the concrete stained = love it!  I had the mirror from my craigslist dresser purchase that I did not want to use, so I stuck it here for the time being.  Not sure if I will leave it or not.  We went with the bright orange by Glidden from Walmart because the boys decided we should have a hunter theme in this room.  I filled nail holes on the trim this weekend, but need to sand and paint over them.  Hopefully I can get that done this weekend (have to do the whole basement) and then I can DECORATE you are going to love the door I put on to my furnace room and I can't wait to see how my plan of covering up that darn air pipe turns out!!

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