Friday, September 7, 2012

Updating the Living Room

We moved into this house in 2006 after moving it and gutting it.  We kept all the woodwork and refinished the floors.  I wanted to paint it yellow.  I just felt that yellow went with the craftsman bungalow and with the woodwork.  Other than a new wall color we just moved all of our furniture from our ranch in Kansas City.  That is until now. 

I loved our microsuede furniture, but after 6 years and three kids and cats, it had seen better days.  With my youngest being 3 we thought we could upgrade with minimum spillage.  We went with a sectional in corduroy.  I wanted something neutral that would change as my tastes and decor changed.  I also wanted something that would hold up to the kiddos.

In this picture I had already removed everything off of the walls so I could have a blank slate when the new furniture arrived.

We went a full year with absolutely new window coverings.  We live out in the country with my closest neighbors as my parents, so I wasn't too concerned about privacy.  I started with the bamboo shades from Target.  I had to add a backing too them to block out some sun and provide a little insulation.  They work great other than the fact that the liner sags down when you have the shades up.  After having those a couple years I finally made the plunge and got curtains and curtain rods.  I placed them high just to draw more emphasis to our high ceilings.  I was scared out of my mind to make the decision, but I'm glad I did, I love them.

My grandma recently moved into assisted living at 96!  I was the lucky one to get her old record player.  I placed that in the corner.  She also had an old organ that wasn't working and I took the sheet rack off of it and will be placing it in the corner above the record player at some point. 

I think I am designating the decor in this room with a subtle music theme.  I made a music sheet wreath to go inside a large frame I got from grandmas attic.  Beside it I place to very important pictures to me.  One is a belly shot when I was 9 months pregnant with my second son.  Read about my son Karson who died here.  The other picture is a family shot when we had just found out we were pregnant with Karson.  Both pictures were taken by my husbands oldest brother Scott.

In the other corner of the room is a work in progress.  I moved this cabinet from my dining room, but I can't quite decide what to hang above it.

My mom has four geometric pieces that I thought about hanging, but I've only hung two so far and while I like them, it's just not what I had in my mind.

There isn't a plug in over here, so doubt the lamp will stay.  I am okay with the displays.  I got WillowTree figures with each pregnancy and some more here and there.  I have a few lawn statues in there in memory of Karson.  I have some stuff from grandmas house like a wooden hammer and level and then the rest of it is from wedding gifts.

I also can't find any pillows that I want.  Pillows are expensive!!  I need a lot to fill in the couch, I want them to match, but not all be the same, and I just can't decide!!!

The only end table that will fit at the moment is this beauty.  I refinished her for a 4H project back in high school.  She has a drawer that used to hold an ash tray and still has little holders for the cigars.


The tv sits on an old dresser that my mom found and I refinished at least 4 years ago.  I've contemplated painting her black.  We removed the bottom drawer to house the equipment and the handles are falling apart, so at a minimum I need to replace them.  I really don't want to paint over her after I just refinished her, but she is too blonde for the room now.

Part of the fun to decorating is the hunt, so I will definitely be on the hunt to finish filling this space!

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