Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Protein Powder

Did you know all protein powders are NOT created equally!?  Forget the nutrient label.  Anyone who takes protein powder would know how to read a label and know to look for something HIGH in protein with no added sugars.  But did you know that drinking a protein shake is just the tip of the iceberg for all the things you can create with protein powder.  After months of dieting for a bodybuilding competition and after talking with other competitiors I know that I'm not the only one who tries to turn protein powder into something irresistable.

How do I know protein is not created equally?  Simple, through experimentation.  We buy our supplements on bodybuilding.com most often.  (Although I would REALLY like a sponsor.. hint, hint)  Sometimes we go with a sale item, sometimes what we've been getting goes off the market, sometimes we feel like splurging and buy something a little more costly.  At first I would just drink them.  Cheaper versions taste terrible or give me gas.  But we all know how to chug a drink, so that's what I did in the quest for building a better body.  I always stuck with whey protein, fast absorbing protein that I would say is what most people refer to when they say protein shake.  Eventually I started trying casein.  It is a slower digesting protein and probably my first victum of experimentation.

Casein - great for making pudding.  Simply add a little water at a time and stir until you get the pudding consistency.  Eat then or put in the frig for an almost ice cream dessert.  Banana Cream and Cinnamon Bun have been my favorite flavors.  The brands we buy are Optimum Nutrition and Elite.  You can always top with a little all natural PB.  But Casein doesn't cook up, so bring in the whey.

Whey - this protein will cook up and give you more of a bread/cake texture, something anyone who has been on a cut diet enjoys.  Again Optimum Nutrition is our go to brand.  Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Bananna are all ok tasting in a shake.  I make some PB Balls and protein bars with vanilla and mix in bananna or chocolate into oatmeal.  Lately I have been "baking" with chocolate Hydro Whey.  You can make it like pudding and then bake a little, stir, bake a little and have a gooey center.  Or my favorite that I should patent is what my husband and I call my "concoction" where you add in a fat, liquid, leavening agent, and sweetener, just like a baker!!  :)  Recipe will be in another post. 

Beverly International - Hands down best flavor/mixing consistency.  You can get it on their site or bodybuilding.com.  They call their protein powder UMP.  Mix this like pudding and it tastes like brownie batter!!  We have only tried the chocolate flavor, but damn it is awesome.  A recipe that I've tried with it is to mix it like pudding only thicker and use it like frosting, yum.  Or, make no bake cookie spin offs by adding oatmeal and PB and chillin in the frig.  So good!  Recipe will be in another post.

Parillo - This guy new about truvia a long time ago and started making contest brownies, cakes, frostings, pancakes, you name it he has it and it is for a cut diet and it tastes as good as the real thing!  Even my sister who is not dieting liked it!  Normally her response is... well if you were hungry it'd taste good! LOL.

This is not protein powder, but another great Parillo product.

Anyway I'm just saying that just because the protein powder you bought or tried doesn't taste good, doesn't mean that none of it tastes good.

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