Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peak Week

I started off well, posting my diet and pictures, and then life happened and the blog went on hold.  But, I kept dieting.  Pretty much doing the same thing that I have already posted.  I have been dieting since January and this is peak week.  The week before the contest is considered peak week.  Amazingly this week can make or break you.  Naturaly bodybuilders look more like the girls in Muscle & Fitness Hers, not like the mammoths you see in more hardcore magazines.

I like my eggs, yum...

Peak week for me starts on Monday before the competition.  If I have been drinking a gallon of water a day prior to this week then Monday I drink 1 1/2 gallons, Tuesday 2 gallons, Wednesday 2 gallons, Thursday 1 1/2 gallons, Friday 3/4 gallons, Saturday sip water.  If I had been drinking more water prior to this week then I up the water even more!  This is all bottled Spring water.  Why do I do this?  Basically your body gets used to flushing that much water through your system so that when you do cut back your water, your body keeps flushing the water even though you aren't drinking much and makes your skin "tighter."  So the extra layer of fluid that we have under are skin is gone and the skin is tighter to your muscles, showing more definition.  I really don't notice a difference too much except my butt.  Did you know that your butt carries a lot of water?  I can remember after my first competition I had on a pair of jeans that normally where "fitted" in the butt and once I wore them the night after the show, it was like they were huge on me.  No it wasn't that they were stretched out.  (I'm not the only one that has that problem, my jeans always stretch out in the butt??)  It was just water.  Maybe a day after the show they fit like normal again.

Lots of veggies!!

Other things I do peak week are cut out the starchy carbohydrates.  I'll eat oatmeal Monday morning for breakfast and then no starchy carbohydrates until Friday when I carb load.  This is to fill the muscle bellies back up and make them look really big.  Full muscles, tight skin, you get the picture.  I said that peak week can make or break you in a competition, that is because it is all about timing.  Maybe you eat your carbs to early and then you look flat by show time or you don't eat them soon enough and you look awesome the day after the show, or you eat too many and you "spill over" so that you've lost that tight skin look.  It is all about trail and error.  And sadly, what works for you one time, might not work the next.

Goodbye starchy carbs!
A new thing that I am going to intentional try this year, which I unintentionally did last year, is to fat load.  After you carb load, then you fat load.  This would be with things like peanut butter/nuts.

We will see how it goes...

I don't have any good pictures yet.  This was taken from Fox2.  But, I won and now have my Pro Card in bodybuilding!!!

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