Friday, August 31, 2012

My New Coffee Bar

I only recently started drinking coffee.  Recently as in Christmas 2011.  As our addition and basement get closer and closer to being finished I decided to redecorate the whole house.  We have lived here 5 years and then have been under remodel for a year with boxes and stuff squeezed into every corner of the house.  We formerly lived in Kansas City in a ranch house and I just reused everything that I had down there in my current craftsman home.  While of course I made it look good ;) the decor wasn't fully in style with the homes character.  So, I have added a lot of older pieces and I LOVE it!

This cabinet base used to sit on my grandmas breezeway.  A breezeway is the enclosed area between the house and the garage.  I figured no one else would want it, so I decided to fix it up and use it.  The top is wood flooring.  One side of it is totally uneven, I'm guessing this was the part that went against the wall?  The sides and back were also open.  I decided to leave two sides open, that would be facing walls anyway.  I had my dad cut some plywood for the side that would be exposed and attempted to paint it to match the rest of the piece.  My husband does not like this side, but... eventually I will hand something or place something there and then he will never even see it.

Originally I was just going to slap some polyurethane on it and call it good.  But, I had just used stain with wet paint, see here.  So, I decided to darken it a little with the stain.  I randomly put stain on it.  My sister saw it and said, now you ruined it!  I knew it would all work out, or at least hoped it would.  So, the stain dried before I could get it rubbed off how I wanted.  Plan B.  I took the sander to it.  I was going to remove all the handles, but they have been on there at least 50 years and they were not budging so I left them and worked around them.  It is darker than I originally planned on, but I actually think it fits better in my house that way.

I sanded and put some polyurethane on the top because it was kind of peeling up at the seams.  After we used the coffee pot on it a few times I could see all of the poly was starting to bubble up, so I found a cutting board and placed the wooden cutting board under the coffee pot, problem solved.

What to store our coffee in?  We got sick really fast of opening the drawer to make coffee every day.  I had been on the look out for something to put the coffee in and finally found this bread box.  It was the perfect size and look.  I wish it said coffee and not bread, but ... I don't want to mess with it. 

My sister had chalk board paint from doing this same technique on a mirror at her house, so I decided to do the same.  You can see that post here.

I have read tons of creative ways to do signs.  For this I decided to print off COFFEE in word.  I got the board out of my dads barn.  I placed the letters over the board and then traced with a pencil, pressing hard enough that it would leave a slight indent in the board.  Then, I went over the indent with pencil after removing the letters.  Next I took black acrylic paint and one of my kids small paint brushes and I painted in the lines to get what you see here.  I LOVE it and have had so many compliments on it.

Miss Mustardseed has said that you have to have a font and word that matches the board to create the best sign. I think I accomplished this.

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  1. I think it looks great!

  2. Looks great!! Love that old cupboard and your I want a "Coffee Bar" too :) Thanks for the visit! Chat soon, Laurel

    1. Love your house!! I'm sure you could come up with an awesome Coffee Bar!


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