Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Ever Craigslist Purchase & a Pick Up Line

I did it!  I stopped just looking at all of the things on Craigslist and actually made my first purchase.  Let me tell you it was an experience I will never forget!  I try to negotiate the price, but failed.  That's okay I still thought these dressers were a good buy.  What I didn't like was that I had an hour and a half drive to get them.  Had a set my radius to far?  Probably, but I live in the land of no where and the nearest big city is a two hour drive.  So I thought these were worth the drive. 

We had it all figured out, he'd call me on Monday and tell me an exact time.  My mom would go with me for "safety" and we'd be good.  Monday came and went and the seller didn't return my phone call.  Called him again a couple days later and still no response.  Weird.  This guy seemed normal on the phone.  So, I figured he already sold them to someone else or...

Then, after I had given up he emails me.  His phone died and he just got it fixed.  So, I said I'm coming tonight!  Kids were crazy!  I have 3 that like to push each others buttons constantly, which then pushes mommies buttons.  Mommy is low on carbohydrates as I am training for a bodybuilding competition, which makes my buttons even easier to push!  So, when mom said she'd watch the kids and stay home I was excited!  Even though yes I know I am breaking the rules of Craigslist.

Our plan became that I would call her when I got there, then when I left.  Of course I got lost and had to keep the guy on the phone until I got back on track.  He probably thought something like "duh, women driving."  :)  I get there and no answer at the door, so I call him again.  I was at the right house, but he couldn't hear the door.  I introduce myself and he says "You must workout."  Me "Yep."  Him "Well no ones going to mess with you."  Hmmm... does that mean you were thinking about messing with me when I got here?  I pulled my dads truck around to the back of the house for easy loading and I slightly get panicked.  There are piles of deer stands, targets, lots of camo...  We go into the BASEMENT and he shows me the dressers.  All is good, I'm safe.  We load them and talk a lot.  Turns out this guy patented turkey calls! 

I googled him when I got home just to see if he was pulling my leg.  Nope Blodgett calls.  The end of the story is that I'm excited to work on the dressers AND he said if I was ever single to look him up.  Yep that's right I got hit on while picking up my dressers.  This was definitely a Craigslist purchase I will never forget.

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