Friday, June 29, 2012

Red Bench

So, my dad is a farmer and kind of handy.  Handy in the way that he can do anything and everything, but he is handy, NOT a craftsman.  Like, we might measure things a million times and it still ends up NOT level.  Or the fact that something might need 2 screws and he puts in 20, just in case!!  But, if it weren't for my dad I wouldn't get a lot of things done, so, thanks dad.

I got a twin headboard for super cheap at a garage sale.  You see the headboards turned benches all over blogland, so of course I wanted to do one too.  With scrap boards dad had we made our bench.  We used the headboard for the back of the bench.  We cut a footboard from another twin bed in half and used as the feet for the bench.  We used 2x4's for the base that we covered with some trim dad had and used scrap 1x for the actual seat. 

I really like my mudroom red color Pior Nor or something like that from True Value.  So, I painted it.  I probably ended up with 3 coats on it and it still probably could have used another.  Since I didn't want to paint it again, I decided to destress it with some black paint.  I used the dry paint brush technique, or at least that's what I call it.  You barely use any paint and then just randomly paint light strokes on the piece.  I say random, but there is an art to it.  I liked the bench a lot better after I did that.

I put it in my Junk Parlor room at the Columns in Centerville, Iowa and after receiving rave reviews, and lots of people measuring it to see if it'd fit in their space, someone bought it.  Dad, it's time to do another one. ;)

Of course I failed to get an after shot!  You can see it a little in the above shot from the side and below from the rear.  Click HERE to see my red dresser post.

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  1. Just checking to see if I finally have this how I want it.


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