Friday, June 29, 2012

Red Bench

So, my dad is a farmer and kind of handy.  Handy in the way that he can do anything and everything, but he is handy, NOT a craftsman.  Like, we might measure things a million times and it still ends up NOT level.  Or the fact that something might need 2 screws and he puts in 20, just in case!!  But, if it weren't for my dad I wouldn't get a lot of things done, so, thanks dad.

I got a twin headboard for super cheap at a garage sale.  You see the headboards turned benches all over blogland, so of course I wanted to do one too.  With scrap boards dad had we made our bench.  We used the headboard for the back of the bench.  We cut a footboard from another twin bed in half and used as the feet for the bench.  We used 2x4's for the base that we covered with some trim dad had and used scrap 1x for the actual seat. 

I really like my mudroom red color Pior Nor or something like that from True Value.  So, I painted it.  I probably ended up with 3 coats on it and it still probably could have used another.  Since I didn't want to paint it again, I decided to destress it with some black paint.  I used the dry paint brush technique, or at least that's what I call it.  You barely use any paint and then just randomly paint light strokes on the piece.  I say random, but there is an art to it.  I liked the bench a lot better after I did that.

I put it in my Junk Parlor room at the Columns in Centerville, Iowa and after receiving rave reviews, and lots of people measuring it to see if it'd fit in their space, someone bought it.  Dad, it's time to do another one. ;)

Of course I failed to get an after shot!  You can see it a little in the above shot from the side and below from the rear.  Click HERE to see my red dresser post.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ruffle Apron


One More Moore had this cute
apron tutorial on her site that I found after googling some ideas to do with scrap fabric.  I teach a Fashion Design class with minimal supplies.  Our fabric selection included some of my grandma's old fabric and then some CHEAP sale pieces I bought at Walmart.  I wanted the girls to sew and put their creativity and design skills to the test! 

The tutorial on this site was easy to follow and I loved the end product.  Click the picture to see for yourself!

Keep going to see one of my students creations!  The rest of the girls did not want to be photographed.  :)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Mud Room Lockers

The lockers were created because we built an addition.  Our house had two bedrooms, that meant 3 kids in one room!  Ok, when they are little, but the oldest is 9...  So, we decided to build on a master suite and in the process made the mud room/laundry room larger.
Above you can see the old location of the washer and dryer.  This is the first thing you would see as you came in the back door.  I decided to reposition them in the transitional area between the old house and the addition.  I thought this helped with the flow of the addition.  That meant I had a huge blank wall to work with as you can see below.

This is what I was left with.  As soon as I started working on the plans I knew I wanted open lockers, one slot for each of us.  In the transitional area I put in a "normal" closet that is yet to have doors.  I'm wanting to so something with some old doors dad has in the barn for the closet, but what is to be determined.  So, in the meantime it is open.  But unlike in the picture has trim and the walls have been painted!
I had Marlin O'Conner who has worked on my house before build these lockers.  I got some pictures off the Internet that showed a few designs of what I was imagining and I gave him the dimensions that I wanted.

Below you can see the new home of the washer/dryer.
I kept the mud room red and depending on the time of day this room can be pretty dark, so I wanted to go white with the lockers.  Maybe not the best idea with kids, but...  I also knew I wanted to stain the seat.  I painted the lockers white first.  Then, once that was nice and dry I taped it off so I could stain the seat.

It was a hard decision to decide if I wanted to put hooks on only the back, on the sides, or all three.  In the end I went with a multiple hook on the back.

Well I guess I had never worked with painters tape and stain because it was tragic!  I didn't take a picture because I was too upset, but the stain totally seaped under the tape and ruined my perfect paint job!  So, I stained and waxed the seat and then went back and touched up ALL the white locker edges.  It still wasn't as perfect as it had been the first go round, but as my husband said the kids are going to have it trashed as soon as they start using it, so don't worry about it.

Originally I wanted to not be matchy matchy in my cubbies, but in the end the baskets from Target looked the best.  On the side of the lockers I nailed a clipboard for each kid with their "stuff" on it.  It is a nice place other than the fridge to put artwork, notes, etc.

Finished project!

While I went with matchy for the cubbies, on top I have old stuff from grandma's.  Here is my grandpa's onld milking stool.

Here is a Grain Belt Beer box that I dug out of the barn and cleaned up along with some old milk jars.

And an old egg basket with an ironstone bowl.

This is a god view to show you how much storage I now have.  You can see the kitchen on the right.  The lockers as you come in the back door.  Off to the left the realy coat closet, minus the door, and to the left of that a pick of the door that leads to my master suite.  Happy Dance!!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So, my original goal was to post once a week, ONCE!  And, I didn't even manage to do that!  Oh well.  School is out for the summer, YES!!!  I'm actually getting some stuff done.  We have been working on finishing an addition that we hired out, and was to be done last AUGUST!  Hmmm, now we are finishing it ourselves and it is almost a year after the "We'll be done by August!" by the contractor we said goodbye to at Christmas.
The biggest news is that my husband got a prinicpal job.  We are very excited, but there goes my honey-do list because he is now working every day.  So, we are hiring a few more things out and I am stuck doing other stuff solo.  But, I am still getting lots of projects done although I wasn't good about taking before and during pictures!!  I will learn.  It hasn't even been a year since I started selling at the Columns in Centerville, Iowa.  And, I only started blogging a few months ago because I was bored sitting in my chair unable to move due to a neck injury!
So, starting this week I will meet my goal of posting weekly!
Less than 3 weeks until my bodybuilding competition....