Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mirror Mirror

I seem to be attracted to mirrors.  Sometimes I buy without thinking.  Sometimes I come back to it 50 million times.  Sometimes I walk away.  And, sometimes I think about it and buy it!

I had 3 huge mirrors propped up in my bedroom while my basement was getting stained.  Eventually I got sick of them being there and did something to them!  The first mirror was beautiful and actually was purchased atop my red dresser.  I thought the dresser seemed more like a buffet, so I decided they needed a divorce!  I removed the boards that had attached the two and added hooks to the mirror.  I debated a long time on whether to paint the mirror or not, but decided to leave it as it was.

The next mirror also came attached to a dresser.  It was attached with metal rods that ran up and down the dresser and mirror.  I had never seen such a contraption before.  But, of course since this purchase have now noticed them assembled like this many places.  Was I just not looking before???

Any way I knew without a doubt that I did not want these two to stay together; another divorce was going to be necessary.  The pieces were ivory with gold detailing.  I thought the mirror should just be cream with some distressing.  So, I painted the mirror cream and then applied stain to the wet paint to give it an aged look.  I used this technique on a piece that started out lime green and in my grandma's garage and is now cream and "aged" in my bathroom.

My final mirror for this post was a very blonde wood color.  I bought it because it was a good price and good quality, not because it was eye candy.  I originally thought black and distressed with some wood peeking out.  But, I went to my stand by color it seems, red.  I painted it red.  Once the red was dry I used the dry brush technique and put some black on it.  For this technique you basically barely put any paint on your brush and then hit the piece where you want the color.  This mirror was HEAVY!! 

All three mirrors went to my Junk Parlor room in the basement of the Columns.  The red one sold the first day!  Which I am thrilled for because although we drilled into the brick wall and used two huge cement screws, that mirror was HEAVY and I figured I would get a call saying to come clean up a mess!  Thank you shopper!

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