Friday, April 6, 2012

Another from Gma's Garage

So, last week a showed you a couple pieces I took from my Gma's garage.  This piece was hanging in the garage housing lawn chemicals, old nic nacs, and old cleaning supplies.  I don't think grandma had opened this cabinet in at least 20 years!  :)

I saw it and told her I wanted it someday.  She thought I was crazy, as did my mom, and my husband when I took him to help me take it off the wall.

Grandma said it was part of an old hutch they had in the kitchen.  She grew up in the house, it is on the Century Farms list.  She said they got ready to move the hutch and the bottom had completely rotted and fell apart in the move.  She thought it was still in pieces in one of the barns because she had always hoped they would fix it up and put it back together.  My grandpa was a dairy farmer and awesome woodworker.  He lived many years with Alzheimer's before dieing when I was in college.  I have searched the barns and haven't found anything that I think might have once been the base to this cabinet.  It had been painted blue, then wall papered, then wall papered again.  I used a scraper to get as much wallpaper off as possible.  I wasn't too worried about getting every little piece because I was planning on decoupaging music sheets over it.  I debated painting the shelves, but didn't figure you would see them anyway, so I left them.  The music sheets were in a cat food sack, the only sack to not get burned.  Yes, grandma was trying to clean up before she died or went to the nursing home.  I'm like no.... I would have used all of those, but it was too late.  My grandma saved everything!  We went through a lot of her stuff before she moved into assisted living, where she is now.  Her biggest regret is that they "saved" all of this stuff and didn't use it.  She wished she would have let us play with all her old clothes when I was a kid and used or gave away stuff rather than just letting it sit.  She is thrilled that I am using some of the stuff she saved, because she thought now one would want it.

I used some orange polish on the wood to shine it up and cleaned the glass a million times and it is still dirty. Many panes are broken and one is missing. There were, what I assume, extra panes in the cabinet, but I have not had time to replace them and I haven't decided if I'm going to anyway.

We screwed the cabinet directly into the wall, but also put a board underneath the cabinet for extra support.  You can kind of see it in this shot.  See the hole in the door?  We can't really figure out why it was there.  Something ran out of that cabinet?  It is a knot that has worn through, or a critter used it as a doorway?

I placed this piece in a nook above my washer and dryer.  I want to put in it things that "go" with the area, although I'm not entirely sure what that is.

This is an old stamp that grandma had in the cabinet along with a sharpening tool or a dried up eraser?  You guys probably know better than I.  It has a relatives name carved on one side and McKinley who must have been President at the time on the other.

My mom got this sewing machine that I took out of the base at an auction. 

The old shaving brushes and cups were in the cabinet when I got it.  They are my grandpas.  The cups say they were from the railroad.

I wanted to house my bleach, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets in the cabinet, but didn't want to "see" them.  I decided to place them in a couple crates/drawers.  The rest of the stuff I just kind of added for the time being.  I'd like to do something in the open drawers, but haven't had any awesome ideas at this point.

I added this, grandpas old shaving mirror.  I had to turn it on it's side to get it to fit, but placed it behind the shaving brushes.

These are grandpas old shoes that grandma just couldn't part with.  She said she didn't know what to do with them, but didn't want to throw them away.  I cleaned them up and put them in the cabinet.  She loves it.

I'm sure I will continuing rearranging until I am happy with the look.  At this point it holds lots of family treasurers.

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