Friday, March 16, 2012

Slowly but surely

We are still working on our master bathroom.  As soon as our friend Marlin got the vanity table made according to my specs, I got it stained and polyed.  Then, it sat.  I guess when the top was dry the feet weren't because where it sat waiting to get installed, the floor got nice stain spots on it.  Luckily a little scrubbing and mineral spirits got it up.

See here...

and here...

My dad is a farmer and handyman.  My husband is a teacher and is NOT a handyman.  He will admit that he doesn't know how to do anything.  So, while my husband watches the kids, my dad and I work on projects. 

This afternoon I wanted to get the vanity DONE.  But, we open up the sink that we had reordered because the first one was broken, yep, this one was broken too!  So, we installed one sink and dad studied how to make the plumping work.  He did not do the plumping coming up through the wall, nor was he happy with how this was done.

The manufacturers directions for setting the sink just did not make sense.  Instead of cutting a huge hole, we cut a much smaller one.  Both dad and I felt bad about cutting into this beautiful table!

So this day turns into a day of just cutting the holes.  Another weekend, after we get another sink that is not broken, I convince my husband that he can install the faucet and set the sink.  My husband is a master of the caulk gun.  So, we get the faucets installed and sinks set so that the following day my dad can do the plumbing.

Remember, my dad is a farmer.  Here is what the work of a farmer looks like...

As we are doing the plumbing we discover why the sink manufacturer wanted you to cut such huge holes, because if you don't it is a tight fit to get everything hooked up!  Plus, guess I should have bought a faucet that was especially designed for above the counter mounted sinks because we had a hard time with the drain. 

Now in my mind when all of this was designed my plumbing was going to be neat and tidy and easily concealed with a few knick knacks on the shelf.  Hmmm... not so much now that I see the handywork.  So, the plan is to get some burlap and try to cleaverly cover the plumbing and then put beautiful stuff in front of that.  This is the view from the toilet.

Now off to get a mirror or mirrors, shower curtain, bath rugs, etc., etc.

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  1. Hi Brooke, thought I'd stop by and see how your home diy's were going. I'm so sorry you had to cut your beautiful table! I'm sure you'll figure out a way to hide it all. Can't wait to see your burlap solution. Take care . . .


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