Friday, March 23, 2012

From Gma's Garage

So my grandma recently moved into an assisted living facility.  She is 96 years old and had lived on the family farm and mowed her own couple acres of yard up until last summer!!!!  When she moved the kids and grandkids got to make some picks.  I am the physically closest granddaughter, so I got permission to use up whatever was left.  Needless to say grandma was very suprised by my picks.  Here are two items I took out of her garage. 

They housed tools, chemicals, nick nacs, toys, etc. that hadn't been touched since the 80's.  My grandpa got Alzheimers and his area was the garage, so stuff just sat after that.  A lot of the items were much older than the 80's though.

(this is after I've cleaned on it awhile, lots of wall paper and dirt)

This top hutch you will see in a later post.  Grandma said it was in their kitchen, but the bottom had rotted from sitting there and no one had noticed until they tried to move it.  She kept it, said it was out in the barn somewhere, because she'd hoped one day they would restore it.  The upper cabinet was perfect to me.  I wanted it to go above my new washer and dryer area.  Everyone else that had seen the piece thought I was nuts.  But, this is for a later post...

Here I have painted one side with Caressed.

The green cabinet sat in the garage, almost under the hutch.  I thought this would be perfect in my new bathroom, since the vanity was all open storage.  I've been wanting to try the technique where you put stain on wet paint and wipe.  I thought that technique would look great on this piece.  I had leftover wall paint from painting the bathroom, which is a light tan color, Caressed from True Value to be exact.  I cleaned the piece, sanded the piece, and then painted the first coat.  I let the first coat dry completely and I didn't worry about brush strokes or streaking since I knew it would get another coat, plus the stain.  After the first coat dried, I painted in sections.  I started with the side.  Painted it, then dipped a Walmart bag into a leftover stain I had just a little left of.  I took that bad of stain and streaked it over the wet paint until I got the look I wanted.  Then, I worked to the other side, then front, then top.  I tried to look at the piece as a whole as I did it so that each side would look the same.

It took days to dry.  Not sure if it is from all the humidity because we have been getting a lot of rain or if it is from the technique itself.  The inside is plain wood though, so my daughter and I carried all of my stuff and my husbands stuff from our old upstairs bath down to our new master bath.  I wanted to put wax on the top of the pice, but I haven't done that yet because it wasn't dry when I was ready to do it!  I only have time to work on the weekends, so that will be a project for tomorrow!!  I also need to add a handle.  Grandpa has abunch of glass handles in his old workshop, so I'm going to go swipe one of those.  I'm so happy with this technique and can't wait to do it again.

And, I can't wait to get a little more done in my bathroom so I can decorate and have a room DONE!!

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