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10 things about me ... guess thats 25

At Red Hen Home she wrote a numbered post and I loved it.  The things she said made me really feel like I knew her.  Then, I read Aimee's numbered post about things she liked.  I thought to myself, hmm, I want to make a numbered post about myself.  So... where to start.  Will I be as insightful as I hope?

Then, I read Primitive & Proper's 25 things and found out that it's a link party at Perfectly Imperfect!

  Here goes.
1.  I am the mother of FOUR!  You only see me toting three because I have one in heaven.
2.  I am a wrestling coaches wife, aka single parent much of the year.
3.  I am a bodybuilder.  No I do not look like a steroid using bodybuilder, at least "in-season" I'd like to think I look like that fitness model you admire in the magazines.
4.  I am type A personality.  Anal, rigid, and I like everyone to do things my way!  Who doesn't?  Any way blame that one on my dad.
5.  I am married to my best friend.  When we got engaged my family continuously asked Matt if he knew what he was getting himself into.  (See #4)  Despite my flaws he loves me.
6.  I am blessed with wonderful children.  Son Kellen, named after a student/wrestler; son Karson, named after an opposing teams quarterback; daughter Kyler, named after a family friend who thought it was a girly name and therefore went with his middle name Blake; and son Kash, named so because we listened to a lot of Johny Cash when Karson died.  Despite Karson's death I still feel blessed.
7.  I am creative and need to make more time to do things I enjoy.
8.  I am rough around the edges, maybe a little unapproachable, but there really is nothing to be scared of because I am nice.
9.  I am not a talker.  I don't like to talk on the phone.  I don't like talking just for the sake of talking; I am fine sitting in silence.  Being a high school teacher and three kids at home, silence is golden!
10.  I am sexual.  I know, TMI, but my husband and I both have friends who haven't had sex for weeks, months, even YEARS!  I'm sorry, but that is not normal!  It's great stress relief, and who isn't stressed?
11.  I am lazy when it comes to cleaning.  I always keep my house picked up because it makes me feel better to have things in their place, but it's dirty.  I love a clean house, but can't stand to clean it and then two seconds later the kids undo all my work.  So, for now I'm just going to live in dirt.
12.  I am amish.  Ok, not really, but I have a friend who always kids that I'm going amish.  I eat clean and try to make my family too.  Meaning if it doesn't have a mother or come from the ground, we try not to eat it.  I don't have cable or an antenae.  And, I almost got chickens last summer because between my husband and I during contest prep we eat around 28 egg whites a day!
13.  I am a contractor.  We hired the amish to move our home.  It used to be a couple miles down the road on our neighbors land.  We bought some land from my dad and moved it.  Gutted it and made it what it is today.  We kept the wood floors, trim, and doors, but pretty much everything else is new.
14.  I am a yeller.  If I love you, I yell at you.  Wrong I know, and something I continually try to change.
15.  I am busy.  Too busy!  I try to remember that my kiddos won't be like this for long and I'd better enjoy it.  It's hard sometimes when I have a million things I'd like to do.
16.  I am a natural at Just Dance!  I have the other video games, but dance I can do.
17.  I am a recyler.  I am in desperate need of going to the recycling center.  I wish they came curbside!
18.  I am a granddaughter to two living grandmas who both just moved into assisted living.  One is 96 and even this past summer, still mowed her yard which is like two acres!
19.  I am the oldest and possess the oldest characteristics - leader, responsible, controlling, bossy, organized,...
20.  I am cheap.  Most of my clothes are hand me downs from my mom and sister who are shopaholics.
21.  I am weird.  My body is weird, it is near impossible to find jeans that fit.
22.  I am moley (is that even a word).  My husband said the first time he say me naked he thought, man she has a lot of moles.
23.  I am a giggler.  I giggle when I'm nervous and I'm loud.  People hear me sometimes before they see me if I'm laughing.
24.  I am a teacher.  I have been off and on for 8 years.  I've also worked in a movie theater, as hostess at Applebee's, taught step aerobics, babysat, worked in an ice cream shop, Victoria's Secret, Casual Corner, been a realtor, a vendor, and a stay-at-home mom.  I enjoy teaching, but I don't love it.  I think I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
25.  I am a new blogger.  I am suprised by how much work this is or how addictive it is to read other peoples blogs.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. So fun to read more about you! Also, as for your question about my mom's kitchen, the photo wall is actually metal with magnets. :)


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