Friday, January 27, 2012

My first post

My first post... I am sitting at home today because I cannot move.  While doing skull crushers Wednesday morning I managed to hurt my neck!  I suffered through school on Wednesday, not being able to move my neck up, down or side to side.  Thursday morning I call the chiropracter crying because I could barely hold my head up I was in so much pain.  I am better today, but I could not suffer through an entire day of teaching.  Sorry kids, but the strength it took to hold my head up was not worth the pain.  So, I am spending another day sitting in the only place I feel somewhat comfortable, the La-Z-boy Recliner.  We have no cable and the DVD player died this week, so all I can do is sit with the computer.
I've been following blogs at for awhile now, but lately I love looking at all of the home decor blogs.  Especially the ones that repurpose "junk" they find.  I decided to join the trend and became a vendor at The Columns in Centerville.  Like I really needed anything else on my plate!  As my competition season begins, I am going to take a break from my side job as vendor, to focus on my body.  Which, since Wednesday is going to need some extra attention!
For now, this will be a catch all blog.  Meaning that I'm going to talk about bodybuilding workouts, diets, and competition; the joys of marriage and parenthood;  the joys of home remodeling; and my projects with the Junk Parlor.  It will be a continuous "project."

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