Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inspiration Overload

Nesting House just posted about inspiration overload.  OMG that is what I have.  It is a terrible condition and is causing me stress!  I see all these wonderful ideas on blogland and Pinterest and I don't have time to execute!  I read about all these women who DIY while kiddos are sleeping, stay up all night to finish a project, or it is their job!  I want that job and I need my sleep, so staying up all night is NOT an option!!  For me, I get up at 5:40am.  Soon it will move to 5 am because I'll need to get in a cardio workout before breakfast.  I have a bodybuilding contest approaching, which means more time spent preparing meals and working out.  Then, it is breakfast, get kids ready, myself ready and off to school.  After school I get in a workout before I have to get the kids picked up from the babysitters.  Then, depending on the night I turn into chauffer and take the kiddos to their activities.  At the earliest I get home at 5:30pm.  Then it is time to get dinner on the table and everyone fed.  Next we go upstairs for bathtime.  Then, we read a book, cuddle, and go to bed.  By the time the kiddos are down for the night, mom is done!  Even if I really want to get something done, like right now I want my new vanity table finished, I instead plop down and vegitate with my husband while we watch an Episode of Dexter.  We are now on the last season.  Hmmm... what shall we rent next?

This table was made by Marlin O'Conner.  His wife opened a store Artiques in Centerville, Iowa.  It is full of crafts, antiques and her specialty, painting on tiles.  Marlin worked a lot on our house when we first moved it.  Yes, literally moved it.  He came in and patched wood floors for us and helped us with the baseboards and window trim.  Now that we are adding on, I've hired him again for wood floors and trim, but also for a couple pieces of furniture.  I planned on getting a long buffet and converting it to a double sink vanity, but of course because I was looking for one, I couldn't find one!  I found a picture of something I liked and here is the end result.  Well, close to the end result.

Here is the leg Marlin designed.  I love it!!!

There will be two sinks like this on top.  Of course one of the two got broke when shipped.  Seems NOTHING in this addition has gone smoothly.  Have I mentioned it was to be done in September and it is almost February and it is still not done?  Hmmm...

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Friday, January 27, 2012

My first post

My first post... I am sitting at home today because I cannot move.  While doing skull crushers Wednesday morning I managed to hurt my neck!  I suffered through school on Wednesday, not being able to move my neck up, down or side to side.  Thursday morning I call the chiropracter crying because I could barely hold my head up I was in so much pain.  I am better today, but I could not suffer through an entire day of teaching.  Sorry kids, but the strength it took to hold my head up was not worth the pain.  So, I am spending another day sitting in the only place I feel somewhat comfortable, the La-Z-boy Recliner.  We have no cable and the DVD player died this week, so all I can do is sit with the computer.
I've been following blogs at for awhile now, but lately I love looking at all of the home decor blogs.  Especially the ones that repurpose "junk" they find.  I decided to join the trend and became a vendor at The Columns in Centerville.  Like I really needed anything else on my plate!  As my competition season begins, I am going to take a break from my side job as vendor, to focus on my body.  Which, since Wednesday is going to need some extra attention!
For now, this will be a catch all blog.  Meaning that I'm going to talk about bodybuilding workouts, diets, and competition; the joys of marriage and parenthood;  the joys of home remodeling; and my projects with the Junk Parlor.  It will be a continuous "project."